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@arijun: Does it work properly if you assign a key to it? That sounds like it might be a problem with the action popup.

Petrus Theron15:02:01

Seeing some strange behaviour working on cljs file that could be Cursive or Boot. When I "Load file in REPL” from IntelliJ, I get errors from an older version of my file that lives in the out folder. I can eval forms directly and they work, but “Load file in REPL” seems to load the corresponding file in the out folder, that is old. Now, that could be that the file isn’t being updated, or that it’s loading the wrong file.


@cfleming: there is a key assigned to both the history and slurp commands. History works using the key but not find action


Is there a way to clear the input in the repl like ctrl-c will do for bash and ipython?


ctrl-a backspace


at least that's the simplest I could find so far