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Trying to debug When in Windows you try to kill a process running a 'batch job', you get 'Terminate batch job (Y/N)?', I wonder if this is responsible for the hanging processes


Not sure if related, but when kill cider (via cider-quit), I often get (error "Selecting deleted buffer")), it seems that nrepl-server-filter is being called, but when the (with-current-buffer (process-buffer process)) is called, the result from (process-buffer process) is null


^ is it possible for nrepl-server-filter to be called, even though the process buffer has been killed? If so, the CIDER code should guard against this


Getting a massive error when trying to build with lein 2.6.1. Looks like it's related to mranderson. Are you guys having a problem too, or is my setup just borked? Ended up downgrading lein to 2.5.3 and now everything works fine


You mean you tried to build cider, @sanjayl ?


On my todo list


That's right @benedek, I got it when trying to build cider-nrepl. I checked in the leinigen issue tracker but somehow didn't think to look in yours! Thanks for the quick reply. sl