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so koacha junit tests w/ timing appear to report tests that it doesn’t run as having ran in 0 seconds. For example I use (kaocha.repl/run (conj (vec split) opts) where split is list of :kaocha.testable/id ’s of type :kaocha.type/var , the junit output will have :kaocha.testable/id listed that aren’t in my split. I was looking to fix this and test my fix locally, so i cloned the kaocha-junit repo, but couldnt find a way to get deps.edn and lein checkouts to work properly. I guess this is more a question about deps, but how would I build one of these kaocha-junit so lein can see it?


Hi @tavistock, we're migrating all lambda island projects to build tooling that should make this easy. I don't think kaocha-junit is migrated yet but I can do that tomorrow (I think). Meanwhile a mvn install might be enough to build and install a version locally

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Lein checkouts are pretty terrible tbh, that's one big reason to switch to deps.edn


If deps.edn isn't an option, git submodules work. I'm not saying I love them, but they fit my purpose.


Especially when you have multiple of them, one git pull --recurse-submodules brings them up to date, without having to change all kinds of build files and git SHAs