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Andrew Gracey22:08:41

I asked on beginners but here might be more appropriate: This seems super simple but I can't find it documented anywhere. How do I use lumo to build a reagent application? All of the examples for reagent use a project.clj instead of build.cljs and I don't understand the mapping from one to the other


I would say lumo is more for node projects. I think using something like shadow-cljs is better for building a frontend app.

Andrew Gracey23:08:30

Ok, cool. I was really hoping that I could do it without the JVM as I'm trying to do builds on a remote platform.

Andrew Gracey23:08:03

But I can pretty easily build an extra stage with the JVM present if that's what's needed


You can still use lumo, you just might not find a lot of support


I think the function is a good place to start if you must use lumo


Where are you getting dependencies from? npm or clojars?

Andrew Gracey23:08:27

I'm looking and I guess reagent is only available from clojars so I guess that kinda answers the question about JVM dependency...

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Andrew Gracey23:08:05

Thank you! I really like Clojure, and Reagent seems really sweet but I need to drop some of the assumptions I have from the node.js world 😄

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I felt the same way coming from the node world too 😆