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Adam Helins08:08:00

Say a prop on a component is a map with arbitrary keys pointing to idents that need to be denormalized as well. I understand there are no "wild card joints" at the moment. I would have to set a dynamic query every time I add or remove a key in that map and that query would return an updated vector of joints for each key. Is that correct?


I got some direct funding to add some advanced details to the book. The new chapter covers a bit about advanced internals which is quite useful to understand, since it reveals in a concentrated location what kinds of things you’re free to mess around with. The new section also covers how you would go about auditing the application’s operation over time, and how you’d write a support viewer or other UI time travel feature.

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Fulcro 3.2.14-SNAPSHOT now has some helpers that can be used to deal with limited types of offline situations: • Tenacious remote: A wrapper for remotes that can be configured to retry network requests. Useful for making flaky network comms (say on mobile) a bit more “stable looking” • Cached loads: A plugin that augments the load system with offline loading, where the result can be “the last known good load” of that data when the network is down. Has options for eager fetch and other bits. • Durable mutations: A plugin that augments the tx processing system to make it possible to submit a mutation that will be done “no matter what”. Such mutations are stored to a durable location (i.e. browser local storage, mobile secure store) and are retried until the server acks them. Your mutation is invoked on every retry on the client and can detect when the attempt is a retry, and how many times it has been retried (and can cancel it as well). These bits could be used as building blocks to add support for a full offline mode to your app, but of course your API has to be well-designed in order to make that fully possible. The docstrings in the namespaces are intended to be the documentation for now. No time to add to book. There is a YouTube video that walks through the basics. Video with source: Namespaces of interest:

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I feel like tenacious remote needs a packet of destiny…


What the heck…releasing 3.2.14. If we find issues we can fix them.



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