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I can run generative-fdef-checks when using the command line option --plugin kaocha.plugin.alpha/spec-test-check however only the unit tests run when I define the plugin in the test.edn file. In the test.edn file I have only the following configuration

{:tests [{:type :kaocha.type/spec.test.check
          :id   :generative-fdef-checks}]}
When using the test.edn configuration I am using the command:
bin/kaocha --reporter --no-randomize --no-color
I get unit (clojure.test) results only When specifying the plugin on the command line
bin/kaocha --reporter --no-randomize --no-color --plugin kaocha.plugin.alpha/spec-test-check
I get unit (clojure.test) and generative-fdef-check (clojure.spec.test.check) Is there something missing from the test.edn or am I calling something incorrectly? The whole project code and configuration is at


I do have the Kaocha Orb on CircleCI configured and working, when specifying the spec plugin on the command line. So the kaocha orb is working (in the same way) as kaocha locally. I'll call that success for now 🙂