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Good Morning!


you're up late...


Cleaning out an old Gmail account 🙂


(and still trying to get all my iTunes music uploaded to Google Play Music)

Adrian Smith10:07:34

I've been prompted to transfer my music out of Google Play Music recently into youtube music, which I after years of using it on and off I still haven't really got used to


Google Play Music will be dead by the end of the year


As long as I can get all my 62GB of music from iTunes onto my new Android phone, I don't much care about the service itself...

Ben Hammond09:07:09

surely you can fitthat on a MicroSD card nowadays

Ben Hammond09:07:33

and still have plenty of space left over


Never thought of using a MicroSD card, TBH. I have about 300 songs that it can't upload, as far as I can tell. Some of those are duplicates (due to a weird bug in iTunes that existed several years ago) so I've ended up with both an old DRM'd version of some tracks and the more recent non-DRM download. And a few things seem to be where I had duplicates but ended up resolving the "wrong" way (so now I only have the DRM'd version and can't delete the download and retry -- so I may end up having to re-purchase a few albums in the end, to fix that.


In other bad news, I heard MS will abandon Cortana on Android this year 😐


So, playing with monger, as I am fated to work with Mongo more. Such is my burden I must carry.


Looks like a reasonably good library. Anyone have experience with others that might be recommended?


I'll grab the one I was recently recommended for you


It's a much lighter wrapper, so you don't have problems where monger doesn't support a feature you want to use.


I'm evaluating my choices atm.


I have a feeling I'll be writing some utilties to clean up some data

Ben Hammond14:07:12

I'd never considered before how the sound of "The SugarCubes" is really similar to the B52s

Ben Hammond14:07:46

Obvious really, but new to me


@dharrigan I maintained CongoMongo for years but always wanted to rewrite the main API and never did -- so I tend to recommend Monger instead.


We stopped using MongoDB before any other choices appeared. A "lighter wrapper" would be my preference if I was still doing MongoDB work tho'...


agreed! i am liking the recommendation from @dominicm


if only there was a next.mongo...


actually there is... it's called postgres (or mysql 🙂)


I would never go back to MongoDB by choice... 😐

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