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Okay, this confuses me now. That :initial-state in ActivityFeed was something I didn't really look at anymore because I thought whatever's there is ignored except for when the component is being routed to. Instead of being used as a component inside another component.


So I didn't expect putting a vector there would solve it. Wow.


really, my 2 second glance on Query/ident/initial state fixed your problem? Take that to heart 😉


query/ident/initial state, and state over time. Those are the keys.


and initial state has nothing to do with routing (directly…it could be leveraged there, but isn’t): Think of Fulcro as a library that lets you make animations over time via a data structure. Every frame of that animation is a snapshot of state. I personally imagine those cells Disney used to draw on, but I’m old 😛. All of those cells but one is a small delta from the prior one. :initial-state is the first cell in the sequence, and the deltas are generated via mutations (loads are just a conveniently-written mutation that modifies your state by pulling stuff from some remote data source).

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You could think of the state database as a textual description of a view, and the UI code as the “artists rendition” of that view. Thus, the state database over time is like a “book”, and the UI is the (unusually true to plot) “movie”