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Hi! 👋 I am the current lead developer of The Network, a product for venture capital firms to manage their portfolio companies and services for them. TL;DR: We are looking for a full-time, full-stack dev to take over development of our Fulcro product. Since I am going to focus on our main product again (Sompani), we are looking for a replacement for me. It is a full-stack Fulcro application using Datomic for storage that has been developed from scratch over the past 8 months. We need someone with Clojure knowledge, ideally at least basic Fulcro knowledge, DevOps skills (we use GitLab CI and deploy onto openSUSE servers on Google Cloud), and fluent English. You will be the new lead developer and, apart from advice from me during hand-over, the only developer for the time being. You will be working remote. More details follow shortly.

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