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Ramon Rios12:10:04

Hello all. Let me ask something quick: I'm having a problem with my subscriptions. Somehow, my subscriptions only worked when i reload the page (i go to the page, back to the previous page and then the data is loaded). Have someone pass through this before? i'm using the 1.0.0-alpha.2 version of reagent with a custom compiler with the function-components option set to true. I don't know if this interfere in something


The problem definition is very vague. What does "subscription is not working" mean? What does "the data is loaded" mean?

Ramon Rios13:10:55

Sorry, let me explain better

Ramon Rios13:10:55

I have an event that is dispatched when i click into a link and get's data from a service and show another page. In this another page, i have a subscription to get that data and fill the components with data.

Ramon Rios13:10:47

What happens is that the data is not being showed at ti first time. I had to go back to the previous page and then click again so the data is showed in the componentes


I'm afraid these additional details have only muddled the water. :) There are too many moving parts and even more vagueness now. Can you create a minimal reproducible example?

Ramon Rios13:10:02

Another example is: i fill a select with data from a subscription. The data is showed in the select only when i back to the previous page and load the page that contains the select again.


can u show a small piece of code with the component and the subscription in it?

Ramon Rios07:10:04

(defn policy-details
  (fn []
    (let [policy-details (subscribe [::subs/policy-details])]
      [policy-details-view @policy-details])))

(defn policy-details-view
  [theme {:color-primary "#e6ac00"}
   [form {:namespace :policies:*:policy-details:show
          :class-name (:container style)}
    [page-title {:icon [pdf]
                 :label (str (:policy-name policy-details) " | " (:policy-number policy-details))}]
    [:section {:id "policyheader"}
     [:div {:class-name (:itempolicyheader style)}
      [label nil "  Start Date  "]
      [:b (:start-date policy-details)]]

     [:div {:class-name (:itempolicyheader style)}
      [label nil "  End Date  "]
      [:b (:end-date policy-details)]]

     [:div {:class-name (:itempolicyheader style)}
      [label nil "  Next Settlement  "]
      [:b (:next-settlement policy-details)]]]])


Nothing incriminating at all, except that you can remove the inner function in policy-details. But it shouldn't change anything.


(defn policy-details
  (let [policy-details (subscribe [::subs/policy-details])]
    [policy-details-view @policy-details]))

Ramon Rios08:10:22

I don't know if the fact of using a custom compiler is responsible for it


It shouldn't be. But I cannot really say anything for certain without an MRE.

Ramon Rios08:10:56

Another example (reg-event-fx :policies:*:policy-selection:requested               (fn [{:keys [db]} [_ & args]]                 (println ":policies:*:policy-selection:requested" args)                 {:db db                  :dispatch-n [[::customers/needed]                               [::agents/needed]]}))

(defn policy-selection
  (dispatch [:policies:*:policy-selection:requested])
  (let [agents (subscribe [::agents/dropdown-options])
        customers (subscribe [::customers/dropdown-options])
        search-policies (fn [param value]
                          (dispatch [:policies-load param value]))
        value-of (fn [key]
                   @(subscribe [::subs/attribute-value :policies:*:policy-selection:list key]))]
    (fn []
      [policy-selection-view {:agents @agents
                              :customers @customers
                              :action search-policies
                              :value value-of}])))


Don't use subscribe in some callbacks that aren't called during the render phase, like view-of might be. But again, it shouldn't really affect anything, it's just a matter of potential memory leakage.

Ramon Rios08:10:38

How would you code that value-of part? My intention is to avoid calling the same subscription with only one different parameter


It depends. If value-of is called only during the rendering and not in run time when e.g. a user interacts with the component somehow, then your code is fine. If it's for interactions, then you would have to subscribe to all the data that's required for :value but that doesn't depend on key and then create value-of based on that data, so there no longer a call to subscribe in value-of.


We launched publicly today, front end is written with re-frame (over 125K lines of Clojure/ClojureScript all told) - thanks @mikethompson for making something that works so well at a large scale!

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That's awesome to hear, seems the launch is going great so far, lots of love all over Twitter ❤️ Would be great to have a breakdown of what issues you hit with cljs/reagent/re-frame at that scale. Basically a development post-mortem 🙂

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wow congratulations


looks great