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Medelpharm, Lyon, France | Onsite software developer System architecture, design & ergonomics: as an experienced engineer, join us now to shape the new software generation of a global innovative SMB! Medelpharm designs and sells machines and software used worldwide to study and optimize tableting process mainly in pharmaceutics. Mission: Teammate with the project owner, you are autonomous to design and develop full-stack features using Clojure, Clojurescript and React. Creativity and ergonomics are key assets to conceive a powerful yet accessible software, at the heart of Medelpharm’s strategy. Candidate: Software engineer, at least 3 years of experience developing software have led you to understand product development issues by making architectural and technology choices, as well as being careful about real user needs and ergonomics, with a focus on high quality. You like to solve complex problems using functional programming and open source tech. Desired technical knowledge: - Clojure-script, experience using any other functional programming and/or LISP languages - Web HMI : React or similar - JVM platform (via Java, Scala, Kotlin…) - Algorithms / physics / data science You are fluent in English and have good interpersonal skills to integrate our competitive and focused team, as well as to speak with customers and scientists worldwide. You are open to other disciplines in order to understand system and business issues (physics, mechanics, automation, pharma process). Curious about technology and a fast learner, you are able to put forward innovative solutions. Depending on your skillset, you may also work on software parts closer to hardware. More specifically, we are looking for C++17, ZeroMQ, industrial communication protocols (OPC UA, proprietary protocols…). This is a full-time position 15km east of Lyon, France. Please send resume and cover letter at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. You would work in a small team of 3 devs with me so feel free to ask about technos... anything here !

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