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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:10:19

Help me please find a good title for my blog post! Which do you find most interesting? 1️⃣ Crushed by Complexity, Saved by Clojure (and BDD) 2️⃣ Defeating Legacy Code with Living Documentation And Business-Level Tests 3️⃣ Revealing the Why and What of Code with Living Documentation and BDD (and Clojure) 4️⃣ other / a modification of one of those (please specify in the thread!) Thank you!!! (See the thread for the start of the blog post)

1️⃣ 4
2️⃣ 16
3️⃣ 4
4️⃣ 4
Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:10:28

Beginning of the blog post: > The big struggle when entering a new code base is distinguishing the essential business logic from the incidental aspect of how it is implemented. Both are just code - but which parts must be there and the way they are and which can be changed? If you don't know then you fear to change anything. And that is exactly what happened when we took over the application MB. What to do? How to save the code from becoming an incomprehensible mess of legacy code, and dying?! We found an answer: clj-concordion. (Read: Functional Core, Imperative Shell and Specification by Example.) [to be continued...]