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LifeCheq | Clojure/Clojurescript Developers (Junior + Senior positions) | Cape Town, South Africa | Onsite & Remote | Full-time At LifeCheq we’re building a holistic and affordable financial advice and management service, currently for the South African market - see Work on: * modelling the complexities of a person’s life and the financial products and services that they interact with * automating and suggesting advice for how customers can achieve their goals (buying a house, traveling, saving for education) * streamlining and automating the things that stop customers from taking action such as deciding how to fill in insurance underwriting forms * building interfaces to gather a person’s life information as well as presenting advice and progress updates to customers in an accessible way We use: * Clojure, Clojurescript (re-frame mostly), Postgres, Firebase, Heroku, CircleCI, Github Looking to expand our dev team with Senior and Junior members. Junior (Onsite, be willing to learn Clojure) Senior (Preferably South African, can be remote, definitely able to work UTC+2) Send through your CV or get hold of me if you have any questions <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


Horizon Investments is hiring. Each of these positions are available as an on-site position in Charlotte, NC, USA, or as a fully remote position for qualifying candidates. We are integrating financial product innovation, financial planning, and other currently separate areas of the investment advice industry. We are replacing important but sluggish legacy tools at our client firms, with our snappy new ones. Internally funded, 25 year old firm with an entrepreneurial spirit. - (Front End Engineer) - (Full Stack Engineer)

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