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Hi! does anyone know if there an equivilent to lein ring for CLI tools ?


I never used lein ring back when I was using Leiningen anyway.


I just start my HTTP server in my -main function and used to lein run -- which is now clojure -m my.entry.point


@mgrbyte What do you actually rely on lein ring for?


Hi, sorry for the delay in reply (long weekend away). Using lein ring for starting a ring service (jetty-adapter under the hood i guess), with the init and handler hooks (creating the db connection in init). Currently using mount. I'm guessing I could remove the use of lein ring just by doing mount/start before jetty-adapter in main, then handling db connectivity in some mw :thinking_face:


That sounds simpler -- less "magic" via plugins.

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We use Component anyway so our HTTP server is wrapped up with a start / stop lifecycle anyway, which makes it really easy to work with from the REPL.