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Hi, I'm looking to find a Principle Data Scientist. The job does not strictly require clojure but I'd love to help the person get the job if she/he does:



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I’ve worked with Husain and his team last year. Just want to tell you that they are great team of dedicated professionals. Highly recommended 🙂


if interested DM me (I'm a Scientist myself not a recruiter)


Hi guys, hope you are having amazing year 2019:) We will have Clojure team of five senior developers available in 2 weeks and I am looking for some interesting long-term project for us now. We are a remote team based in Prague with 3 years experience and we are able to work as remote employees for an indefinite time. Our Stack: Clojure, ClojureScript (Re-frame, reagent), Solidity, Kafka, Python (TensorFlow, Pytorch), JS, Node.Js, Angular, React, C#, C++, AWS, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Docker, and many other technologies. Our Clojure Projects:,,, Our website - Feel free to shoot me a message, I am happy to provide more info about us:) Cheers,

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