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Ran into weird lein-figwheel behavior that has some old history I think If I want to use figwheel’s default server for dev, I can’t get it to use my configured :ring-handler when hitting the root url. eg. I want to go have http://localhost:3489 go straight to my own ring-handler fn, but instead, figwheel prioritizes finding a “public/index.html” on the classpath first. The problem is, there is one of these on the classpath from a dependency, unfortunately - re-frame.


It’s a bit frustrating that the :ring-handler doesn’t have highest priority to serve anything I think. I’m also surprised this doesn’t come up more often since re-frame is so popular.


as I say this, I realize I’m pulling in an old re-frame tracing dep that caused the problem - so disregard the “so popular”. I will just hold to the confusing behavior on how the “public/index.html” classpath lookup is prioritized above the specified handler - weird to me still