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So, I've been running figwheel just fine for many months now, but today when I try starting it up on any project I get this:


Anyone have any ideas??


@jsa-aerial nothing really, but you may want to restart terminal


or whole OS… maybe something is hung and holding onto the resource


@mikerod Thanks, I thought of that and shut the machine down and then restarted (so, even more than a restart/reboot). Didn't fix it. My belief now is that something changed in Chrome and/or Ubuntu. I did an upgrade that required a restart today, and it was after that this no longer works.


Upgrades - it is hard to know how to handle them anymore. In the old days I never upgraded because of stuff like this. Now, with security and other issues, I tend to just do it whenever I get a notice that stuff is available. Also, this has pretty much worked and now have been lulled into a false sense of security...


I don’t know there, I use figwheel through cider though, so not the terminal as I think you are using there


I’m not much help beyond the restart advice I think hah


@mikerod Well, maybe that would be of help. I only start this (using repl) so that I can then connect to it with cider and use cljs-repl. How do you use this through cider without a repl?


@jsa-aerial Using a recent cider version like 0.19.0 can start 2 repl’s for a figwheel enabled project - 1 for clj and 1 for cljs - via cider-jack-in-clj&cljs cmd Takes a few setup steps, but not much. It is in the Cider docs how to do it though. I’m not saying it’ll solve this for you. Based on your error above, it looked like the terminal with jline, so I was assuming it had to do with Figwheel’s default rebel-readline. I could be wrong.


I think it is some sort of toxic interaction with jline and whatever got changed on my system. I do note that Chrome was updated. I could maybe try firefox to see if that makes a difference