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Entrepreneur First is hiring engineers to join our team in London. We help ambitious people find co-founders, create companies and get funded. Come help us change the world today! We can't accept remote applications I'm afraid.


Hi guys, We have some free development capacity now. We are Blockchain and ML dev team based in Prague, CZ. We love cryptocurrencies, coding wallets, exchanges, we have experience with Pattern recognition, Algo trading, NLP, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots. Our Stack: Clojure, ClojureScript, Solidity, Python (TensorFlow, Pytorch, Django), AWS, JS, Node.Js, Angular, and C#, but we are familiar with other technologies as well. Our Projects:,,,,, Stealth startup - Machine Learning platform for forex trading. We just launched our internal project - I We are looking ideally for long-term project or cooperation. We can join your core team and help or develop the whole project from scratch. Here is our website: Send PM If you would like to chat a bit. Cheers, Mark


Hey, when you talk about building Status - do you mean status-react or status-go repository?


afaik mostly status-react (although I no longer participate in these activities)


Hi @U051091NM mostly react. Hi @U06BE1L6T, how are you doing?! 🙂