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@lmergen: at I've also brought Clojure in myself about 1.5yrs ago


I was not even looking for specifically Clojure programmers to build up the team.


I just started teaching them and let them learn from each other too, simply via pair programming.


In fact I myself didn't know Clojure at that time so I was learning along with the initial 3 nodejs junior programmers


I have to say it's not really an issue.


It takes about a month to get fluent in the basics and another month or two to be able to do that same what they were doing in nodejs, just better simple_smile


I got everyone to read and practice with on the 1st week.


They were very junior guys though, so anyone with a few years of experience should be able to ease over into being a clj dev i think.


that's pretty cool, and the way i look at it too


besides, it's always more fun to actually learn new things during work, rather than experimenting in the weekends simple_smile


ah, i just read back and saw #C0KL616MN thanks @dottedmag, sorry everyone


@hiredman and @bridget : we’re not averse to remote work -in fact our entire QA team is in Argentina and we have Front End developers in Columbia. And we have a very generous remote work philosophy, but you need to be located in Charlottesville to bootstrap yourself into the company culture. I’ve seen remote work be very successful, but it usually starts with personal relationships and a “local” homebase helps too.


In 2014, we had a back end CLojure developer spend the whole year abroad. But he was based out of Charlottesville and it made the experience work very smoothly. We’ve had other back end devs spend multiple months working remotely. But at the end of the day, I would not want to hire somebody for this opening without knowing they will be spending most of their time in the home office.


@rmuslimov: evidence of frequent slashdot reading can be substituted for the xkcd requirement, at the discretion of the CTO.


@onetom: That's very cool. Not all companies spend two months training devs in a new language full time.