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im having some trouble with CIDER's debugger. I press e to evaluate an arbitrary expression but after i confirm the expression by hitting RET, the whole debug fails. Even on a harmless expression like (+ 1 1). does anyone else experience this?


well, it doesn't fail, but it causes the debug session to stop.


hi, am i doing this wrong? i'm get this error Could not find artifact lein-figwheel:lein-figwheel:jar:0.5-0.6 in central (


just changed my lein-figwheel plugin from 0.2.5 to 0.5-0.6


@krchia: I think that should be 0.5.0-6


Hey @weavejester , would you mind expanding on that? Are you saying that apps should have a "config" function that uses environ as just one of the sources of configuration.


@cddr: in effect, yes. Environ gives you access to the process environment. But the environment isn’t the same as a configuration.


I tend to recommend having a function like (run-app config) or (start (new-app config))


Any have cheap advice for auto-compiling Sass on change? I had been using, which does not support that, and threw an error when I tried to use it (and isn't actively maintained, which makes it harder to get help with it). I'm thinking of just using Ruby's Sass tools, which are A+. I'm the only one who's going to build my project, so I don't care about imposing a second language runtime on people, including a Gemfile in a 99%-Clojure project, etc. But if there's a well-trod Clojure path to get this to happen, I'm all ears!


Thanks for telling me what I should have already told myself. 😁


Sweet, that totally did the trick. Thanks, @hiredman! Always good to see another Redman fan.