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I'm trying to use react-native and clojurescript ( I'm having problem using React.fetch(url) as I want to use .then on the returned promise: (.then (.fetch js/React uri) (fn [res] ...)), but I'm getting "undefined is not a fuction (evaluating 'React.fetch(....)'. Does anyone have any pointers? (on Android)


@seantempesta: I saw your conversation about the and the RN router in the om channel, and I just wanted to let you know that I also feel like the current navigator/react-native-router-flux are too hacky right now to use in an app. I pulled out the navigator in my app and am just using to render different views, and I


am maintaining a “route stack” in my app state so I can handle back button presses correctly.


I’m missing the nice animations between screens, but that’s ok for now.


@adamfrey: yeah, I’m still not sure what to do