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@jellea have you considered re-frame as a way to manage state, seems like it is more or less Redux but for cljs?


vikeri: Had several attempts and I found it to be very confusing and frameworky. I like things (even) more micro.


Has anyone else experienced build failures ("'RCTContextExecutor.h' file not found"), apparently caused by Bentho conflicting with react-native versions released since late December (and therefore using RCTJSCExecutor instead)?


@daveliepmann: yes. RN changed. See Bentho can probably be retired.


@daveliepmann: If you are not in a position to ditch Bentho, I can probably update it.


@mfikes I'm actually not sure what position I'm in yet simple_smile So far I'm just running off the reagent-react-native template and I'm seeing whether I can remove Bentho from that


@daveliepmann: OK. If you look at the source for Bentho, you will see that it is laughably small. Not even worth having the dep. But, if you find that you can make local edits to its source directly in your project and it fixes things, send me the changes and I can commit them, push out a new pod update, etc.


@mfikes: Roger, I started down that road earlier today and may return to it