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Hey, so I’ve been thinking


Are business cards even useful these days?


I have never seen anyone hand out cards who wasn’t an official company representative at a fair or a conference. However when meeting people, I found it more usual for people to connect on LinkedIn or twitter, and when talking to companies, they want you to fill out a form online anyway.


Even though everyone says “have your business cards prepared when looking for a job or networking”... should you really?


Or do paper printouts just get lost in thrash these days?


I've never been in a position of hiring, in the case I was looking for a job and would be on a conference. I'd prefer to get card than open the phones and start typing the persons name on the spot. I worked at a company that handout out buisness card to employers, I never used single one.


i still see them used a lot


depends on your audience / the people you want to connect with


I use the business card I got a lot, they make excellent bookmarks

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But agree wtih @lmergen depens on a lot of factors, I have not done much network and such


networking: you need business cards job search: depends on whether you need to network or not 🙂


I need at the same place for a long time - maybe why have not used them. Or maybe I have stayed at the same place since I have not used them :thinking_face:


So I have been going to networking events and I swear the only people who hand out business cards are coaches and in general people who are trying to sell you something


Maybe it’s location?


Regarding hiring: I feel like if someone you meet is seriously considering you for a position, they'll manage to take and remember your contact information. Business card or not.


I have them and hand them out mainly to other devs when we've had a good chat or something & I think staying in touch would be cool - but 9 times out of 10 it gets looked at and then they follow me on Twitter & then I follow them... so, mission accomplished?

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