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@thheller to be able to use Atom+ProtoRepl I do really need to add proto-repl dependence to my shadow-cljs.edn? I mean... when using emacs, I just "connect to nrepl" port. Using proto-repl, why do I need to add that dependence (as showing in shadow-cljs docs..)


I can answer this one 😄 Cider adds the dependencies necessary for you. Just a few editors do that. Proto-repl probably does not so this really is a question for the proto-repl. The other one that does it - I think experimentally - is Calva for VSCode


after I've deleted node_modules + compiled files, I'm not able anymore to connect to nrepl (in this project) using atom+protorepl... but I do can connect using emacs (on this very same project). Any thoughs?


I would say you need the proto-repl package for your project


it is present already, but don't work anymore... i'm suspecting that the nrepl package (v nrepl-0.4.5) that is bringing by shadow-cljs is breaking it


I'm having a minification issue when using shadow-cljs release and I just want to turn it off for now. I thought I could do that with:

:builds {:main     {:target     :browser
                     :modules    {.. some modules...}
                     :compiler-options {:optimization :simple
                                        :infer-externs :auto}}
But it seems that doesn't have any effect on the minification. I added the infer-externs so I could see if I'm running the right build and it does have an effect. Not sure what's going on.. :thinking_face:


@bbss :optimizations not :optimization


This is an unexpectedly nice feature of figwheel-main (that we might be able to use in shadow with little fuss, as it's self-contained


Ouch.. Thanks @thheller


Hello! I'm facing an issue to connect to nrepl on Atom+Proto-Repl. When comparing two projects "a" and "b", where "a" works and "b" dont, I see (by shadow-cljs info) that the nrepl dependence are different. How can I get the specific library that is bringing that lib to my project? I mean.. I don't have nrepl as a declared dependence, so I think that another one is bringing that. It is possible to build a graph showing who is bringing who?


@gleisonsilva shadow-cljs --cli-info shows a basic graph


@thheller seens to me that the output of info and --cli-info are the same... I can't see diffence among then


at least as version 2.6.23 of shadow-cljs


right and that should list who included nrepl