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I created something called CHP inspired by PHP that I want to use to write a CMS as user friendly as wordpress. its a side project

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Nice — you should also post this to Reddit etc 🙂

Eric Ervin00:11:40

and on the #announcements Channel? I don't want to get busted asking questions about it over here.


its still rough. it needs more work and documentation before i can annouce it. annoucing witout documentation is bad protocol lol


right now i'm busy with creating a react.js replacement with an api compatible with reagent

Eric Ervin01:11:33

OK. I'll sneak my question in here. When I used Hiccup, it spit out gross blobs of HTML, so I switched to using templates. Have you found a way to get nicely formatted (human readable, indented) HTML out of Hiccup?


@U9U0G3Q8Y one reason I use hiccup is because i don't want to read html. too verbose. a pretty printer for html should fix your problem.

Eric Ervin23:11:50

Thanks. I'm happy enough writing templates that I don't feel like I currently have a problem.


wordpress does suck and its cuz of PHP