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Vincent Cantin00:11:12

(real question) Is there a list somewhere of the Clojure friendly companies which are publicly advertising having a clean code base, and spending time making sure it stays that way? I am in the need, thx.


publicly advertising a clean code base is something companies do?

Vincent Cantin00:11:28

I remember seeing some doing that in their job page, as an argument to attract talents. The issue is that I did not bookmark them.

Daniel Hines02:11:52

I feel like advertising a clean code base is like advertising lead-free breakfast cereal - that shouldn't be a distinguishing factor! All the same, if a clean code base was something a job page led with, that would get my interest.

Shantanu Kumar02:11:31

Public advertising is probably better than no-info, but how do you solve the problem of "One person's clean is another's crappy"?

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"Today's clean is tomorrow's crappy" is a thing too

Vincent Cantin04:11:20

The code quality is indeed something very subjective. But seeing “good code quality” as being advertised is always a good hint at one company’s culture regarding openness to improvements.


It's pretty sad if a company needs to advertise "good code quality" to differentiate themselves...


...and I'm not sure I'd believe a company that advertised that anyway.

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I think there is one way to make sure code is “clean” by some reviewable factor: publish open source libraries


If a company does publish a lot of them, then I have a quite good idea about the quality of their code (as I can read it)

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So if we’re searching for an example of this in the Clojure world, Metosin would be a good one; their Github is crazy:

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