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On that issue I posted above, here's the nrepl traffic:

  id           "14"
  op           "eval"
  session      "ebf3b63d-5761-4c44-94ff-4423eccf7217"
  time-stamp   "2018-11-05 18:01:39.619292723"
  code         "data"
  column       12
  content-type "true"
  file         "*cider-repl ~/e:localhost:40995(cljs:shadow)*"
  line         51
  ns           "app.index"
  id            "14"
  session       "ebf3b63d-5761-4c44-94ff-4423eccf7217"
  time-stamp    "2018-11-05 18:01:39.782314313"
  ns            "app.index"
  printed-value 1
  value         "{:fans [{:smooth 0, :pwm 0, :temp 40, :tach 0, :color [0 1 0..."
  id         "14"
  session    "ebf3b63d-5761-4c44-94ff-4423eccf7217"
  time-stamp "2018-11-05 18:01:39.942422066"
  status     ("done")


so it looks like cider is getting out of sync with the repl wrt what ns it thinks its in maybe?


@vigilancetech @thheller can this be due to the recent changes in shadow with regards to the namespace it sends? Haven't noticed anything myself though


@richiardiandrea how recent? It seems to me this was working fine just a couple days ago


Not really sure it has anything to do with it, just pointing at the thing my memory recalled


well, it would be nice if someone could see if they can duplicate it or if its something wonky about my setup


I've been trying to trace thru the relevant functions (cider-inspector-render[*]) but it just jumps back and the arguments/locals are too long to tell what's going on in my minibuffer


Yeah I will see if I can get it as well but I do not use the debugger that much so I wouldn't know...I actually do not even know how to use it 😺


this is about your bestest/quickest summary:


Will do my best

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ah, I fixed it @richiardiandrea! I hadn't updated to 2.6.24 yet. It still issues the warnings to the compile terminal tho. At least the inspector works now tho. Thanks!


sorry did not have time for trying


its okay. What you suggested did it. Apparently that patch you pointed out was the FIX for what ailed me, not what broke it


oh cool then glad it helped!

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I want to evaluate my expressions on a jacked in repl, but when I run commands like C-C + C-E in emacs they appear to be evaluated in the small buffer on the bottom. How can I evaluate them in a jacked in repl?


C-c M-e is cider-eval-last-sexp-to-repl. Or you can try C-c C-j C-e, which is cider-insert-last-sexp-in-repl.


no problem

Christian Johansen13:11:56

re: my issues described above. has anyone got a working CIDER/figwheel/node.js/tools.deps setup they want to share with me?


did anything change regarding support for :style/indent metadata? seems it stopped working for me after the last upgrade...


nevermind, I was holding it wrong