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@danieleneal From the transit README: “NOTE: Transit is a work in progress and may evolve based on feedback. As a result, while Transit is a great option for transferring data between applications, it should not yet be used for storing data durably over time.”


Yep, that's what I was referring to thanks @mfikes


ah thanks both 🙂


Hi folks! Can someone please lead me in the right direction? I've been struggling with a way to fetch root component's initialProps being passed from the native side, as described in So i'm invoking

(.registerComponent react/app-registry "AppName" #(reagent/reactify-component app-root))
where app-root is some fn, and am also passing initialProps to RN's AppRegistry.runApplication. How do i fetch them on CLJS side?


@siphiuel I think those props will be available inside app-root with (r/props (r/current-component))


@joshmiller thanks! Just tried your suggestion in my render function, but it still returns nil. weird.

(defn app-root [props]
    {:component-did-mount (fn [this] ...)
     :reagent-render (fn [props]
                                   (log/debug (r/props (r/current-component)))