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Hi, any plans on splitting the jackdaw library into more fine grained libraries? I would love to be able to use parts of the jackdaw library but not having all the dependencies. E.g jackdaw.streams could be it's own library 🙂


hehe, that's how it was originally organized before we released it. The problem was it was a pain when it came to update time.


Remember you can just exclude any dependencies you don't like


I see. I'll look into excluding deps, didn't think about it - thanks! ✌️


Hey @daniel415, I think that's not possible due to the fact that the serde mechanism in kafka streams has it's own class path resolver that doesn't know about "anonymous" classes generated on the fly by clojure. You could workaround this problem by wrapping the json serde the same way it's done in the edn serde.


Thanks for the info. That's what I thought. Maybe at some point I'll try and create a class like in edn2.clj but for now it's a bit simpler to just specify the value-serde those 4-5 times I need them. (key-serde is string which I can specify as streams default).