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Hi! I’m trying to run etaoin on heroku/linux but I get the dreaded “invalid argument: can’t kill an exited process” error. Firefox looks like it starts fine when I start it from the command line:

~ $ /app/vendor/firefox/firefox -headless
*** You are running in headless mode.
` To make things even trickier, I don’t get any logs from the driver when running
(e/firefox {:log-stdout "ffout.log" :log-stderr "fferr.log" :driver-log-level "trace"
                                   :path-driver  "/app/vendor//geckodriver"
                                   :path-browser "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox"})
Here’s my full error:
09:59:32.270 INFO  [] aah-crawler.enterprise - start
Syntax error (ExceptionInfo) compiling at (/tmp/form-init5918851057764094177.clj:1:73).
throw+: {:response {:value {:error "unknown error", :message "invalid argument: can't kill an exited process", :stacktrace ""}}, :path "session", :payload {:desiredCapabilities {:loggingPrefs {:browser "ALL"}, :moz:firefoxOptions {:binary "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox"}, :moz:firefoxOptions.binary "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox", :acceptInsecureCerts true, :binary "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox"}}, :method :post, :type :etaoin/http-error, :port 4444, :host "", :status 500, :driver {:args ("/app/vendor//geckodriver" "--port" 4444 "-b" "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox"), :capabilities {:loggingPrefs {:browser "ALL"}, :moz:firefoxOptions {:binary "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox"}, :moz:firefoxOptions.binary "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox", :acceptInsecureCerts true, :binary "/app/vendor/firefox/firefox"}, :process #object[java.lang.UNIXProcess 0x1ad777f "[email protected]"], :locator "xpath", :type :firefox, :env nil, :port 4444, :host "", :url ""}}
Any heroes on here who has any ideas how to fix this?


Or simply how to find/create the firefox log files?


Just a quick glance at your logs it seems you have the following path that may or maynot be the issue: