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Hey guys, As anyone had an issue where when using the test driver the serdes are not behaving the sameway ? For instance when running the real thing with JSON serdes the data off the topic is being converted to clojure automatically but when running the test driver my data is still in json format


The JSON serdes are not used much within FC and may not be as well tested.


Can you try the EDN serde and see if you get the same result? If it works, there might be a problem with the JSON serde.


I have used the EDN serde with jackdaw.streams.mock and I know they do work.


ok will give that a try and see if its consistent


If you’re able to identify the problem, please create an issue or a PR with fix. Thanks!


so what appears to be happening in the case of the test driver is what ever I publish ( json, edn ) thats exactly what I get in the stream