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Braden Shepherdson04:02:00

so I'm struggling with my full-stack reloading setup. I'm using lein-figwheel and ring reload, using {:figwheel {:ring-handler my.ring/handler}}

Braden Shepherdson04:02:41

that handler is using wrap-reload. am I overdoing it, underdoing it, doing it wrong? it seems to work most of the time, but it occasionally seems to get wedged and not be able to find files. the error messages are terrible, "syntax error" with no information, that kind of thing.

Braden Shepherdson04:02:57

also server-side errors are causing 400s in my Sente XHRs, which isn't very ergonomic.

Braden Shepherdson04:02:43

I mean, they have stack traces.