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Hey guys, just starting using figwheel-main with the clj tool and it's working well, thank you :thumbsup: parens


@bhauman We just hit the hard 64kb limit on fw websocket (just try to eval anything bigger at the FW REPL). I wish we had a warning, it was hard to diagnose and we didn't have this issue with http-kit/lein-figwheel so we were stepping through our entire git history ^^. To spare this to others, I was wondering if it could be stated high in the doc? Also, if there's already an open issue, we'd be interested in helping, or at least follow up on this. If there's not yet an open issue, we'd be keen to open one. Please advise?


hi all... my team-mate has converted an existing leiningen/figwheel project to figwheel-main, which is good. He's an emacs/cider user and has that setup. I just use lein fig en deal with things from there. Oddly though, the app is showing the standard REPL Host page when I go to the url.


e.g the Welcome to ClojureScript! page... what am i missing?


found it... :aliases {"fig" ["trampoline" "run" "-m" "figwheel.main" "-b" "dev" "-r"]}