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Absolute Negativity06:03:59

Hi everyone. I'm a Lisp enthusiastic. I started programming with Scheme, now I'm a Clojure regular and mediocre Common Lisper. Recently I was required to learn Javascript for a new job, I find it's torturing 😂, both the language itself and its ecosystem. And I'm helplessly addicted to the REPL. I know lot of people did the opposite (picking up Clojure later), but had anyone been in this boat and shared my predicament?

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There are definitely Clojurians who came to Clojure from another Lisp, but it’s a pretty small percentage, surprisingly — maybe just because people primarily using Lisps are so uncommon in general? Here’s from the 2020 community survey (I think the question wasn’t on the 2021 survey). In any case, welcome! There are certainly plenty of people around who know other Lisps, even if it wasn’t their primary language background. You might find the #other-lisps and #other-languages channels of interest.

Andreas Guther15:03:38

Hi everyone. I am a software developer from the San Francisco Bay Area using Java and Node.js most of the time. I am interested in learning (more and more) Clojure and use it primarily right now to analyze data problems and bugs in our system.

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Howdy "neighbor"! I'm in the East Bay (Castro Valley). Pre-pandemic, the SF Clojure scene was very active with two meetup groups. Hopefully, we'll see that come back now things are opening back up again.