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Hi all 👋 At some point in the past several days I noticed that I stopped seeing errors in my code & repl buffers when I eval a fn that has an exception… For example, say I have (/ 1 0) in a file and eval it with C-c C-e, I won’t see that code snippet turn red, get underlined, etc and no error will print out in my cider repl buffer. But if I compile the entire file with C-c C-k, then that snippet turns red, error msg prints out to buffer, etc etc, like it always has. Cider 1.3 & cider-nrepl 0.28.3 but can recreate on older versions of these as well. Before I dig through every potential conflict, has anyone else experienced this and maybe know what might be causing exceptions to not print?? Thx!! • Emacs 28.0.91 (native comp) • Mac OS


1.10.3 (can’t recall if the same happens on other projects on 1.11.. but I can double check)


well on 1.11.0-rc1, the code snippet won’t turn red in the code buffer regardless of how I eval it, but at least the exception will now always print out to the repl buffer ..which is all I really need, so thx!! Didn’t occur to me that it would be a clj version issue… But I know it used to work fine with 1.10.3 in the past, so something else is still conflicting


Doesn't ring a bell, feel free to create an issue


thx, think it’s more likely something on my end. Will create an issue if I can’t find anything after exhausting some possibilities

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:03:48

I was in particular wondering if this change affected it

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:03:36

that change will affect the type of the exception flowing out of load. I don't know exactly what cider does with it after that


That certainly seems related, and explains why cider correctly prints the error when I try it on 1.11.0. Cider may just have to update how it handles the error to mark the code correctly in the code buffer. Will create an issue with them just in case. Thanks for sharing!

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