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Danilo Oliveira21:03:24

Hi everyone! I've been a programmer for more or less half of my lifespan (as a 32 guy), mostly with Java. Java still continues to bring food on my plate, I'm still grateful for that, but at some point you start to get bored. I learned also Python, got some skills on it, but the language is horrendously inefficient and I wouldn't use it for "serious" things ever. After flirting with lots of languages (even Common Lisp for a while), I decided to become a Clojure programmer in my free time. The language looks really cool. If it is something I'm going to do on my free time, it should be fun at least, and Lisp dialects are very fun to use. Clojure seems to be the most practical/useful dialect so far, that's why I choose it over CL or Racket. I hope some day I can contribute to the Ecosystem so the popularity of the language start to increase again

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Young-il Choo04:04:33

Welcome. I also did Common Lisp before moving to Clojure. Clojure is definitely a member of the Lisp family. In some ways it is closer to pure functional programming (lambda calculus) than CL.