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I regularly get a "repl type not known" message in my echo area and then the autocomplete/doc tools stop working. Is this common for everyone else? Is there an easy fix or way to debug this further? Attempting to set the repl type manually at that point doesnt' fix it. It seems sort of related to occasionally eval'ing code in files from different projects, but I'm not positive of that.


do you have multiple inf-clojure repls open? You can set the default one to use and then you can check the value of inf-clojure-repl-type in that buffer


if not, (setq inf-clojure-repl-type 'clojure) or whatever should fix it


i run into this issue sometimes when quitting a repl or restarting it


Thanks I'll try that out next time and report back. It's usually with only a single repl open