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Otto Nascarella12:10:03

just wanted to drop a line and say I’ve been using clj-kondo with cursive, and I love it. thanks ❤️ clojure


that's great to hear :) which kind of plugin are you using with cursive, the filewatcher?

Otto Nascarella13:10:12

no, the LSP thingy you reckon file watcher would be better?


not at all, just wondering what people are using


@U5B8QSSC9 have you tried clojure-lsp with the LSP plugin? :p it uses kondo under the hood as well

Otto Nascarella15:10:51

I tried but it died on me

Otto Nascarella15:10:12

I mean.. on the lsp plugin

Otto Nascarella15:10:37

I’ll try it again, @UKFSJSM38


Yeah, I know the intellij LSP plugin has some issues and it's not actively maintained unfortunately :/


But maybe these tips can help:

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