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Eddú Meléndez15:10:42

one year ago, was released. Today, I am happy to announce that has been released. So, if there is a deps.edn file at the root directory then just running pack build tododemo --builder will produce a image. By default, it is using java 11. want java 17? then pack build tododemo --builder "" -e 'BP_JVM_VERSION=17.*' or you may want to try another vendor? then pack build tododemo --builder "" --buildpack --buildpack In order to run the image, perform docker run --rm --tty --publish 8080:8080 -e JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=100M" tododemo For some reason, in java 11 we need to increase the metaspace but doesn’t happen with java 8 and 17 and alibaba dragonwell. There is already an for that. Paketo Buildpacks have some default values but you can override them. Check the samples and

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