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Using pathom3, is there a way to have a mutation join differently? Use case: having an update-user mutation, that we can send multiple updates through with separately, and see the result of each So:

[('update-user {:id 1 :active true})
 ('update-user {:id 2 :active false})]
then get a response for each
{'(update-user 1) :ok '(update-user 2) :error}
Currently it returns a single entry from whatever came last
{'update-user :error}


@lsenjov in pathom2 you can, if you can't in pathom3, it may be a issue in pathom2 it will aways have this naming issues. as both mutations have the same name, the second will overwrite the result of the first. But talking in a graph-api perspective, I would say that it is a anti-pattern. I would do something like [(update-many-u\ers {:users [{:id 1...} ...]})], then you can return something like {update-many-users {:deleted [{:id 1... } ..]}}

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Figured that's how it needed to get done, had to check. Cheers