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Victor Vollbrecht11:02:21

Hello, I'm a beginner in Clojure, and I'm currently planning/researching to make a touchscreen + raspberry pi combo to put in the hall of my apartment block, using clojure. I was searching for a GUI library that could help me create this touchscreen's GUI, I have some names already and HumbleUI looks pretty good. I thought about using Zulu Embedded + Clojure + HumbleUI to create this device which should allow neighbors to interact with it via touch actions. The design doesn't have to be complex, is there something I'm missing that could make this project easier or harder with this GUI library?


Well, the library is in the very early stages right now. You can build apps, but supporting it will probably be a pain, as we break compatibility all the time. Also a lot of components are missing right now. But if you decide to go for it, I’ll be here to help. We need examples for sure

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