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I’ve got quite a lot of gratitude for @yogthos’s enduring commitment to providing mix-and-match templates to make starting a significant Clojure/ClojureScript project easy. First by creating and tirelessly maintaining it for years — and now, on top of that, by pouring a whole new batch of energy into making an updated and improved tool, Luminus has been a pleasure to use for years (off and on for me, but it’s always my go-to for side projects), and Kit looks even more so — I’m really looking forward to giving it a try! The Clojure community isn’t much for monolithic frameworks, but putting together every bit of plumbing manually can be a real challenge for beginners (and is something I’d often rather skip for non-production projects). It’s hard to chart a course between those two extremes, but it can be done, and @yogthos has been a dedicated advocate for the middle path for a long time now. Thanks, Dmitri, for all your work over the years to benefit the Clojure community and help bring new folks on board 💚

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you’re very welcome, and it’s really great to hear this stuff is helping make a difference!

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I've created several projects using Luminus, including our work monolith. Wouldn't have gotten into clj without it ❤️

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