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hello, I begin clojure. but I am not clojure enviroment setting. please help me ( it is not brew install/clojure/tools/clojure/ I have Homebrew installed on my MacbookPro)


thank you, but….. Error: No similarly named formulae found. ==> Searching for a previously deleted formula (in the last month)... Error: No previously deleted formula found. ==> Searching taps on GitHub... Error: No formulae found in taps.


do you have curl command installed?


command not found, curl. what should i do?


Try install that and follow as Linux clojure installation



brew install clojure/tools/clojure
brew install/clojure/tools/clojure
(which is what you posted)


I've used brew install clojure/tools/clojure on macOS several times and it works fine @U6K32QRJL


thanks. But still not solved. “rlwrap’ is not installed on my macbook, is this a problem? and my java jdk 11 -> problem?


brew install rlwrap


What do you mean by "and my java jdk 11 -> problem?" ?


open jdk version 17 …became..


Because you did brew install clojure instead of brew install clojure/tools/clojure.


The former is controlled by the brew team and they force the latest version of every dependency on people.


The latter is controlled by the Clojure core team and assumes you will install whatever version of Java you want to use.


thanks, I solved it


I am using Ubuntu and I have defined below in my project.clj , But this only running less auto , and not starting the server ? my co worked is using windows and both server and lein auto is running, Is there any issues with OS? Also I have referred

:aliases {"watch" ["pdo" ["figwheel" "dev-run"]
                         ["less" "auto"]]}


is there an idiom for transducing for side effects? I opted for (->> (educe..) (run! side-effecty)) . I guess the question would be if using educe with map for side effects is ok


map is lazy, and not meant for side-effects. doseq and run! are eager, and the right fit when you want to do side effects. You chose right.


I am a newbie to deps.edn, which I am attempting to use on a new project. I have the following ns form in my .clj file: (ns main.clojure.mapper   (:require [clojure.pprint :as clj-pp :refer [cl-format pprint]]             [ :as csv]             [ :as io]))   I also have the following in my deps.edn file: ;;; deps.edn for mercator project {:paths  `["src/main/clojure"]`  `:deps`  `{org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.4"}`   org.clojure/data.csv {:mvn/version "1.0.0"}   org.clojure/ {:mvn/version "1.10.3"}}  `}` However, when I attempt to evaluate the ns form, my repl throws an error: ; Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at main.clojure.mapper/eval7530$loading (REPL:1). ; Could not locate clojure/data/csv__init.class, clojure/data/csv.clj or clojure/data/csv.cljc on classpath. Any idea why Clojure can't find the dependency?


Did you perhaps start your REPL before creating the deps.edn file or from a different directory? With your deps.edn, I get a different error:

Error building classpath. Could not find artifact org.clojure:clojure:jar:1.10.4 in central ()


Also, is included with Clojure, so you'd get the same error for that after bumping Clojure down to 1.10.3. With those two changes, though, it works for me.


Thanks for your help so far. I'm using Calva in VSCode for my development environment and now I'm having trouble jacking into the repl. So now I have to track that down, first before I can look at this further.

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There is no Clojure 1.10.4. Your repl cannot start up likely due to not finding the deps you are looking for

Dmitrii Pisarenko17:01:24

Hello! Is there way to easily deploy a ClojureScript/Reagent web application to Heroku?


I imagine easier if you are just doing the front end and not full stack

mal19:01:02 maybe? Just looked at my bookmarks for heroku and clojurescript 🙂

Cora (she/her)19:01:15

ultra basic example app with support for deploying to heroku

Cora (she/her)19:01:50

chestnut looks nice. atemoia made some different library choices but that's the story of clojure in general: there's always more than one right way to do it

Drew Verlee23:01:03

[edit] fixed. the file didn't have the write ns name. (i had added an extra bit at the start) I want to require my .cljc code in my .cljs file by doing (ns ... (:require [some.cljc.core :as core]) with the .cljc file (ns some.cljc.core (:require [clojure.core.async :as async]) I have a deps.edn file in both root directories and the cljs project is using :local/root for development. I expect this to work, but instead i get a Bad dependency path or symbol: some.cljc.core in my browser console. I'm not sure why. The error seems to be generated by figwheel.