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Makes sense


I was just looking at some of the coding apps on the app store and it looks like those would let you do a lot (in theory)


however, they're all just text editors and it seems like it would be very cumbersome to make anything substantial


but it seems like Apple is now allowing significant user scripting capabilities


like allows installing libraries, running notebooks, shortcuts, and widgets


Look at shortcuts and the apps that support scripting it, like Scriptable: Then Pythonista, that is more than just a Python IDE: Since Shortcuts, a way to automate tasks, are now coming to macOS, maybe having apps that give Clojure like way or just extra utilities that allow you to interact with third party services…

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@smith.adriane There’s also Expo’s app which allows you to preview pretty substantial React Native examples, basically full apps.


In theory, it should be allowed, Apple is relatively consistent but you can get into some annoying issues… Generally, they are resolvable. My bet is, for what you’re doing, it should be allowed.


yea, I had no idea that Apple was allowing apps that were so programmable. The pythonista app is very impressive. It would be neat to make a clojure powered app available!

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