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Timofey Sitnikov09:07:10

@thheller OK, I am trying it. Also I am trying Open J9 JVM, it does seem to trade speed for size, but that may be better than having to live on disk for memory.

Timofey Sitnikov09:07:24

Ahh, with lower memory I get this:

[2021-07-22 05:26:30.681 - WARNING] :shadow.cljs.devtools.server.util/handle-ex - {:msg {:type :start-autobuild}}
OutOfMemoryError Java heap space
        java.util.Arrays.copyOfRange (
        java.lang.StringUTF16.newString (
        java.lang.StringBuilder.toString (
        clojure.core/str (core.clj:555)
        clojure.core/str/fn--5483 (core.clj:559)
        clojure.core/str (core.clj:557)
        clojure.core/str (core.clj:546) (browser.clj:540) (browser.clj:501) (browser.clj:669) (browser.clj:664) (browser.clj:691)
738m seems to work OK.


@timofey.sitnikov interesting. how big is your build? I have done tests with as little as 300m working fine for test builds

Timofey Sitnikov10:07:09

@thheller, how do I know how big is the build? Is that the size of the output js file? I think it is 22 MB


watch size generally is fairly large. although 22mb is quite a lot even for watch