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@nate I’m so much enjoying re-listening to older episodes — listening to the 8 episode “create Twitter post server” again, just to get the data oriented / command vs data reloaded into my head again. Noticed that podcast title is still showing up at “App Sauce” — not sure if this was intended or not. (I love the Contact Us site, though! 🙂 FWIW, I’d actually love to learn more in an episode about what you built around e-sports, what it does, who the customers are, what you’ve built, how Clojure has helped you developed it, the problems you’ve had to face (not sure if the “Twitch didn’t show the ad they promised” was fictitious or not). I think it would be a great way to get the word out about what you’ve built, what you’re good at, the value you’ve created — all the hints you’ve dropped are so tantalizing! 🙂

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Daniel Craig18:07:16

Yeah this is the best clojure podcast in my opinion

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Just to riff off of the idea: I’d love a series of episodes on what you’ve built together, how it works, what your clients love about it — it would show off your capabilities, and we’d all appreciate it! @nate


(and it’s an ad for your services, if you should ever want to take on consulting work!)