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Hello, i have defined a boot-clj task to start gorilla repl (without a project) inside a boot-clj pod. when i start gorilla repl in a bootclj pod, it works great and i can even update dependencies in the pod gorilla repl is running from the worksheet itself. Now, i want to access the repl from emacs cider as well, (for autocompletion and what not). Is there a way to let gorilla know of the cider repl middleware inside the bootclj pod ? i can add the cider-nrepl and related dependencies in the pod, but i dont know how to make gorilla start the repl with the cider-nrepl middleware..


i see that gorilla-repl tries to load cider middlewares, but somehow it is not loaded


i can access cider namespaces in the gorilla worksheet


but when i connect from cider, it says cider-nrepl version is nil


is there a way to pass other custom middlewares to gorilla nrepl ?