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Oliver Marks13:04:19

So trying to setup CI to use jibit hitting a few isssues related to containers wondering if any one else is doing this and has nay advice, in essence I have containers for each step in my build, I can use the gcloud-sdk in a step or the clojure docker image in a step but I basically need both, or i need the ability to generate the image the do the push in the second step. are there containers that contain gcloud and clojure ? currently I am installing clojuer into the gcloud container on each run but curious if any one has any better ideas ?


@olymk2 so are you starting FROM and then installing JVM/clojure on top of that? That's what we ended up doing too. Maybe there should be something in

Oliver Marks18:04:57

yeah basically that's what i am doing just means clojure is downloaded and installed on each run, obvioullsy I could create a container continaing both but thought I would ask what others are doing first, almost need a jibbit container with gcloud and clojure included 🙂


Ya would be good to have those java/clojure layers cached and kept up to date.