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Jacob Emcken07:04:44

How can I get a specific environment variable set, when starting a REPL started from Calva?

Jacob Emcken08:04:05

I found the jackInEnv Calva setting :thumbsup: and did a Workspace-wide configuration.


Awesome. Iirc there is also a jackInEnv in the custom connect sequences.

Jacob Emcken08:04:17

what is "the custom connect sequence"?

Jacob Emcken08:04:44

I'm just using "Jack-in"

pez12:04:30 is a way to automate jack-in or connect a bit further. It comes in especially handy if you need to enrich the REPL some at start, and especially with some ClojureScript REPLs. For environment variables it could be a way to support two or more environments conveniently.

Jacob Emcken09:04:29

When I do a project wide search Ctrl + Shift + f I also get (a lot of) results from clj-kondo cache and lsp I see I can exclude folder from my search, but maybe they should be excluded by default?

Jacob Emcken09:04:41

Maybe the fact that my git repo is a "mono repo" and I've chosen just to open a sub-folder from the mono repo i VS Code makes the search stumble. 🤷


You should have in your gitignore:



Then search should consider it