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Daniel Jomphe14:04:05

We now have the most basic telemetry sent to honeycomb from each one of our environments (local, CI, cloud). We couldn't use Java System Properties to configure it per environment with Datomic Cloud, so we switched to environment variables. Here's what we had to do to


Those settings look good to me 🎯 I've successfully tested gRPC Honeycomb access from my local machine only. It will be interesting to know if any other tweaks are needed to access Honeycomb via gRPC from inside a Datomic Ion.

Daniel Jomphe15:04:23

It works with this most basic config from inside a Datomic Cloud Ion too. 🙂

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Daniel Jomphe15:04:50

Thanks again Steffan, what a nice way to end a work week to have this kind of power tool starting to be ready for use in all our environments. :)

Daniel Jomphe14:04:57

Next week we add the most minimal frontend telemetry, and then we start using clj-otel for real to add more manual tracing in the backend. 🙂


Out of interest, what telemetry will you be using for the frontend? opentelemetry-js is, though I haven't really looked that deeply yet so am unsure how mature that solution is.

Daniel Jomphe15:04:04

We plan to follow, which indeed rely on opentelemetry-js, and see from there how it goes.